Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sing with us now..."We're having a"

Tremper baby #3 is due to arrive mid-October!! Mom is feeling pretty good at this point now that we are past the first trimester. Elsie thinks it's going to be a boy; Matt is hoping she is right! We will keep you posted!

Spring Break in Seattle

Over spring break, we took a short trip up to Seattle to visit friends. We stayed with Jeff and Amorah and their new baby Braelyn. On our way to their house, we ate lunch at Zeek's with friends Dan and Lynnea, then stopped by good ol' SPU to see the campus and connect with old colleagues. Matt answered a few phones calls and even gave a campus tour for old times sake!!!

Our time with Jeff and Amorah was so relaxing. We hung around the house, took naps, and went for a walk. Carson enjoyed harassing their dog Tally, while Elsie enjoyed playing with Braelyn. On Friday evening, our friends Ryan and Sarah hosted a get together at their new house. Coincidently, our friends Johan and Stacy and their son Gavin were also up from California to visit family in Washington. We both invited friends to come over and hang out for the evening. Far more people arrived than expected which was wonderful. It was fun to catch up with people we had not seen in awhile.

Unfortunately, the end of our trip ended on a sour note. Matt had an incident at the local DQ over a dilly bar which resulted in the entire family being arrested. Luckily, all charges were dropped under the conditions that we were never to return to the DQ again and Matt would stay 20 yards away from the high school worker who screwed up our order.

Thanks to Leonard and Joyce for allowing us to borrow their van. It was a real blessing.

Desperately trying to entertain Carson on the plane for at least five minutes

It snowed every day!

Elsie walking Tally! It was freezing!

Jeff with Carson and Braelyn
Elsie loved Braelyn!

Party time with Seattle friends!

Braelyn, Gavin, and Carson having fun!

Elsie's first, and hopefully last, ride in a police car!

Tired traveling girls!