Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Puke, Poop... and Father's Day!

This is how we spent about a week leading up to Father's Day. Amongst Matt being busy with finishing up his school year and spending many evenings house hunting, the stomach flu was not particularly something we were wanting to deal with. But, Carson woke up one morning seeming very fussy and tired. After giving her some breakfast (big mistake) and putting her down for an early nap, it didn't take her long to bring her whole breakfast back up again all over her bed. Of course it was a week day, during pre-graduation craze-in which Matt was working many hours, so our main puke cleaner was gone. I was left to handle it on my own...bummer. Not only did Carson have issues with puking but her other end was cleaning itself out as well. I have never cleaned up so much puke and poop in such few days. Carson proceeded to be sick for the next 5 days, having the same morning routine. Needless to say, it was a nice change to have Carson lay around for those days. I pulled out her mattress on the living room floor and she actually stayed there and laid down all morning. I don't think she ever stops moving other than taking naps and going to sleep. So, for that I was grateful! I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Boz?? But it is a "friendly" green bear that lives in a tree house in twins, Drew and Gracie's yard. He sings and dances with them and talks about colors and letters and all sorts of characteristics pertaining to God's love. He's a little cheesy if you ask me, but Carson LOVES Boz! It is the only show she will actually watch. So, she spent many hours watching Boz and laying on her mattress. Elsie took full advantage of the TV being on and spent most of her days watching Boz and some other videos we had-she loved that Carson was sick so she could benefit from hours on the couch!!

Because Carson was still sick on Father's Day, we decided to stay home as a family and take it easy...again (not like we had any other choice!). Since Matt was home, he got to clean up the puke this time! I probably should have given him the day off, considering Father's Day and all, but he of course was fine with it! We did have a nice breakfast with him and Elsie enjoyed giving him his presents, a basketball and wiffle ball/bat, that she
picked out. We also had Matt's dad and brothers join us for lunch, chicken wings...Matt's favorite, and some golf followed by the NBA championship game. So, although maybe not his favorite Father's Day, a memorable one at that...and I'm sure many more to follow. But, it was very nice being together as a family and spending much needed time together.