Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We spent our Spring Break visiting family and friends in Fresno and San Fransisco. Before we left for our drive up north, we went to an event at church called, Family Jam, which was a big egg hunt for the community. The kids got to ride on the inflatable slide and hunt for eggs. We couldn't leave without grabbing Chick-Fil-A for lunch...yum!

When we got to Fresno, we went straight to Matt's grandma's house to meet up with the rest of the family. His grandparents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.
Uncle Ron and Aunt Mar flew in for the occasion, which we hadn't seen in almost 4 years. It was fun to have the kiddos get to know them.

We ate at Tony Romas with the family and then the next day celebrated their anniversary with a family lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Grandpa was able to come to the celebration and we were all able to share stories and thank yous to the grandparents. We had such a great time with the family.

During the weekend, we stayed at the Panfilios house. We had such a great time together catching up and taking it easy. We ALWAYS love any time we get to spend with the Panfilios and especially Paigie! The girls love her and had so much fun playing together. Matt took Elsie and Carson for a walk to a nearby greenbelt. Elsie was very brave and climed on this tree by herself!! She was very proud.

We met Papa and Todd at the train station to send them off back to SoCal and then we visited with Granny Annie and Papa Jack for the day. The kids loved having time to play with Robbie Dog, dig in the garden, and pick up rolly pollies!

It took Elsie a while to warm up to petting Robbie, but she did it!

Granny Annie loved spending time with the great grandkids!

Elsie and Carson were playing princess and "sleeping" on the floor...I don't think princesses pick their nose!

We then made our way up to San Fransisco and stayed with Uncle Jack for a couple of days. We were also able to spend a lot of time with Uncle Mike and Kieth and see thier gallery. Since Jack had to work, we spent the day in the city visiting some fun sites. We drove down Lombard street and then made our way to Pier 39 where we found this Lefty store, which was pretty cool for
Elsie. We stopped by to see the sea lions. Elsie was not so cooperative about taking a picture with them, so this is as good as they get!

The rest of our afternoon was spent at the Exploritarium near the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a HUGE science center. The girls LOVED it! If you are ever in the Bay area you have to go. It targets all ages of people. There are like 450 hands on exhibits that you can explore with in all areas of science. It was a great experience for the girls. We could've spent all day there.
We met up with the uncles for dinner and called it a night!

I, Mishawn, have never been a huge fan of San Fransisco. We had to pay tribute to this Travelodge which greatly encouraged my lack of love for the Bay. After this weekends experience, I am coming around to liking it a bit more!!
We said our goodbyes and off we went back home.

Easter! It wasn't what we expected nor wished for, but we survived it. We were supposed to have a house filled with family and friends and ended up with 2 sick kids (Tobin had a double ear infection and croup and Carson had a never ending runny nose) and my mom and step-dad, Ben (Matt's family was sick as well). We made the most of it though, with dying eggs Sunday morning and then going to church. We decided even though we had to take the kids with us in service, we couldn't miss Easter Sunday! Besides, I had gotten the kids really cute matching outfits, and the tags were already cut out!
When we got home, we went on an Easter egg hunt, watched the Masters, ate a yummy meal, and rested. All in all it was a fun day and the kids had a good time. Here's to many more holidays with sick kids!!

(Tobin had to sleep in his bouncy seat for 3 days because he couldn't breath and had a terrible cough. Poor little guy!)