Monday, December 1, 2008

The Last Three Months!

The last three months have been quite a blur, to say the least. I attempted many times to add pictures to our blog but was ALWAYS interrupted. I actually began this blog post at 1:30 pm and it is now 8:22 pm as I am just getting back to it!! Matt and I keep saying how we truly underestimated how much work 3 kids would be! We definitely are enjoying this time and the funny antics of our kiddos, but boy are we tired! The pictures include Halloween, Tobin growing, Mishawn's boutique, Christmas time, and other random photos. Enjoy!

Can you guess what Matt was for Halloween...?

Elsie and Carson were Emily Elizabeth and year we promise to dress up Carson in a very feminine costume! Elsie was dragging Carson along in the MOPS parade trying to catch up to a friend.
Tobin was T-Bone (Clifford's friend)

Silly Carson dressing up jazzercize!

Tobin at 2 week. The beginning of tormenting by the girls, Elsie put socks on his hands while Carson laid on a slobbery kiss and nearly head-butted Tobin...again!

Each year, for the past 4 years, my girlfriends and I put on a boutique. All the products are handmade and it is run the 1st full weekend in November. We always have a lot of fun spending time during the year making things to get ready for this weekend. We set up early on the morning of the boutique. As my mom, Elsie, Tobin, and I were getting ready to leave, Carson came running towards me while I was sitting in the car. As she ran, she tripped on Matt's feet and hit her face, eye area, on the bottom corner of the car door. It was quite a traumatic moment as you can imagine. She ended up splitting her cheek under her eye. Thankfully there were no stitches involved, however, it took the nurse, Matt, and the doctor to hold her down to get the butterfly band aid on it. I am glad I didn't go with them, I certainly wouldn't have been able to handle that. She of course took the band aid off that evening, so we had to keep reminding her to leave it alone. She has a small scar now, that will hopefully go away as she grows. I'm sure this is just the beginning of injuries for Carson.

We had our boutique outside this year, which worked very well. Elsie made something this year as well. She made corn on the cob place card holders for Thanksgiving. She made $50 at .50 cents a piece! Go Elsie!

A visit from Paigey! Oh how we miss our Panfilios!

Tobin, 4 weeks Elsie's last day of ballet

SNOW Day! Our church hosts a community snow day by bringing in a whole bunch of snow for snowball fights as well as sled runs. (I just noticed Elsie cheering on Carson, what a cutie!)

Carson and Desitin...lovely!

Our amazing fish Bosco, who was the same age as Carson. The little guy almost made it to 2 years! I got so sick of the smell of the dirty fish tank that I stuck it on our porch and it froze to death. Whoops!

Elsie and Carson with their gifts at the Taylor reunion.

Tobin at 8 weeks, he is such a sweet smiley baby

Getting and decorating our Christmas tree...

"Put him in a body bag, Johnny!" Johnny's look alike from Karate Kid!

Elsie (and Carson) painted ornaments for the grandparents this Christmas. She had a great time being creative.

Uncle Wayne (as Carson calls our friend Duane) giving gifts to the girls...he scored giving them a Sleeping Beauty barbie and a Little People princess and carriage! The girls were VERY excited!

Elsie has been such a trooper since we have had Tobin. Carson and Tobin take up so much of our time and Elsie is on her own a bit, so we thought it would be fun to take her on a date to see Michael W. Smith at his Christmas concert. It was really good. He had special guest singers Melinda Doolittle and George Huff from American Idol. We had a great time!

Angel breakfast with our MOPS group

My sister Missy and her family were in town for a quick visit over the holidays. We had such a great time visiting with them. We went to In-n-Out and then stopped by a live nativity with goats and a Styrofoam camel. The kids had a great time.

Merry Christmas! All of the kids were sick over the break. We were holed up in our home for 3 weeks straight. Yes, Carson got a pony for Christmas, complements of Granny Boo Boo and Papa. This gift ensures that we need to buy a bigger home! Carson rode Lucky hands free with 102 degree fever. She went crazy on that thing.

Elsie got a princess scooter! Hours of entertainment!

Christmas with the Trempers

Christmas with the Sawyers

Happy Birthday Karen and Mishawn

A visit from the Orchards

Blog finish time: 10:20pm! Goodnight!