Monday, July 21, 2008

Keep Dreaming...keep, keep dreaming love

The title of this post might lead one to believe that we have been listening to Ryan Seacrest in the Morning a bit too much lately; but that is not the case. At the end of June, we had our annual Tremper-Panfilio summer getaway. This year, and hopefully many to come, we tent-camped at Hume Lake in Central California. This was a wonderful site to camp as it afforded great surroundings including the lake, hiking trails, and killer milk shakes! Mishawn was in a nostalgic mood all week as she grew up going to Hume Lake as a camper in high school and vacationed with family friends for many summers.

This was our first camping experience with the girls and they did great! Elsie and Carson loved sleeping in the tent (and Elsie in her princess sleeping bag), getting dirty, and eating smores! And of course, Paige was there so it couldn't get any better than that!

Funny stories...

#1 Our camping neighbors thought it would be cool to play static-filled music until the wee hours of the night (2am). Matt was wearing Kleenex in his ears the whole night so he missed most of the noise except when Mishawn struck him in the side to wake up and deal with the inconsiderate neighbors. Due to the muffled noise and dream-state, Matt thought he was hearing a song that went "keep dreaming, keep, keep dreaming love..." He could not place where he had heard this song - High School Musical, maybe? However, we know this song actually says "keep bleeding" by Leona Lewis (Simon Cowell's prodigy - that's what we learn from watching the 5 o'clock breaking news in LA)! Needless to say, Aaron could take it no longer and asked them politely to shut up! Thanks Uncle A!

#2 (Mishawn will retell this one) As we were getting ready to go to the beach one day we all got our bathing suits on in the tent. As Matt began to change, he told Elsie to turn away. I was sitting on the blow up mattress getting my shoes on when all the sudden I heard Matt yell, "Owww"! (Now brace yourself for this one, try not to think about Matt at this point, but instead just any male-this is the best part so I do feel like I must share it!) Since I am sitting, I look up and see Matt falling backwards into the pack-n-play with legs in the air spread eagle...and nude, with everything in full view! I couldn't help but fall over and laugh hysterically (to where I literally nearly peed my pants) for quite some time. Apparently Matt had stepped back onto a flashlight and snapped his ring toe. He was in pain, but I couldn't stop thinking about the "show" I had received and continued to laugh. The rest of the trip was spent with his toe "buddy-taped" and watching it turn black and blue. Of course Matt had to endure some injury on this trip! He is probably the only person I know that can break his toe on a flashlight!

#3 Matt burned his thumb lighting the camping stove and sliced the same thumb with an ax!

Here are some fun pics of our trip!

We are notorious for overpacking!

The girls riding noisily in the backseat. The guys had it easy!! At one point, all 3 girls were yelling, "ahhhhh" as loud as they could!

Our campsite

Elsie's first campfire...what a cutie!!

Elsie's first smore...yum!

Finding Carson half way down the ravine eating a "leaf of three, let it be!"

Hume Lake

Uncle A playing with the little ones

Lamama and Mishawma

After the broken toe incident Matt wasn't able to make it up on this log many times, however Aaron's Fire training came in handy as he stayed balanced for quite some time!

Daddy's girls

Paige actually fell asleep (moaning of course) while they all rocked in the hammock for a while


Paige turns 10 months!
The infamous broken toe!

Our 1st morning, sometime around 6:00 am!