Friday, September 5, 2008

Swim Lessons

For the past two weeks Elsie has been going to swim lessons at a community center nearby. Elsie is a bit on the timid side and it would be a push to get her through the 2 weeks. But, we did it!! The first water encounter was a little tough with tears and negotiations with her instructor (this kid could be a lawyer!). But as time went on, she got a little more comfortable with the water and all the skills she was learning. She learned how to do torpedo arms on her front and back, kick with the kick board, use "big arms," and go under water (her least favorite part-her instructor said that she needed a tatoo on her forehead that said, "I don't want to put my face under the water!"). She conquered her fears and went under water 6 times one day and then jumped off the edge of the pool 3 times with going under. We were really proud of her and what she accomplished in her days at the pool. We told her we would go to Chuck E Cheese if she just did her best and listened to her instructor. So, on Friday night, we went to Chuck E Cheese with her best little friend, Isaiah. They had a great time together. Between the 2 of them and Carson, they kept Matt and I busy! Granny Boo Boo and Papa also came for a visit on her last day to see the progress she made. Elsie was very excited to show her "skills" to them. We went to Panera for a nice yummy treat afterwards! Hopefully next year swim lessons will get easier and easier as she becomes more comfortable with the pool.

Elsie's classes were at 8:00 am each morning and it actually was overcast every morning, so it was a little chilly getting in that water. Elsie's instructor, Christina, wore her swim cap to keep her warm, so Elsie wanted to wear one too!! So, Christina let her borrow hers!

Carson found many things to keep herself entertained without jumping into the water herself, including playing on this squirt station!

Chuck E Cheese with Isaiah


This morning at breakfast Elsie was telling Carson to say Dadda, Momma, and Elsie (which she has been saying for a long time, but Elsie loves to have Carson mimic her). After saying it a few times over and over again, Carson pointed to herself. Carson can say MANY words and is non-stop chatter, however when it comes to saying her name, she won't do it, just to mess with us! So, Elsie said, "Carson, say Caca (which would be short for Carson-in Elsie's mind), say Caca Carson, Caca!" I was laughing so hard because she had no idea what the real meaning of caca was. Then, of course, Carson decided she could say that and began pointing to herself saying, "Caca"! After I composed myself, I had to tell Elsie that she could not say that word because of what it meant. Which only made her laugh and say it more, which made Carson laugh and say it more as well. Oh well, I guess we know we are true Trempers when conversations revolve around the bowels!


Any time we say "Smiley Carson", she does this...

STUCK...this is how we found Carson one evening as she was jumping on Elsie's bed