Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weeks of activities...

Elsie was able to take another dance class. This time she took it with her friend Kaylin! They had a great time together. They learned tap, ballet, and jazz. They are true ballerina princesses!

I'm not sure why Tobin is crying...maybe because he has a girls hat on!! Sorry Toby, this is only the start of what is to come from your sisters!

Carson got to take a gymnastics class. She has a lot of energy and is pretty fearless, so we thought this would be perfect for her. She actually did a great job doing the class. We are going to sign her up again this fall!

Daddy showing her how to do a pencil roll!

forward roll

spider walk

Toby is FINALLY rolling over! Although he doesn't like being on his tummy for long

The school counselors at Matt's school got a staff appreciation award from the alumni association at WHS

Toby taking his first bites! he hasn't slowed down since...

Elsie giving it a try

Carson REALLY likes to hold Toby...Toby, not so much!

Toby at 6 months