Friday, October 24, 2008

Tobin Wesley Tremper

On the way to the hospital

On Saturday, October 18 we welcomed Tobin Wesley Tremper into our family at 10:34 am! (Tobin is named after Grandma Tremper's maiden name and Wesley is after Matt's Dad's middle name.) Because we had such a difficult delivery with Carson, the doctor recommended that we have a c-section for our next deliveries. So, we were scheduled to come in at 8:00am Saturday morning. Both families pitched in and helped manage the kids and phone calls for the day. By 9:30 everyone was in the waiting room ready to meet the new baby. Matt and I were pretty nervous for the c-section delivery. The idea of surgery and being cut open just didn't appeal to me! We had a lot of people praying for us and were very grateful for that. The nurses prepped me and Matt and then wheeled me into the O.R. to prep me some more. What an intimidating room to be in! Matt came in just as they were finished prepping me and and was able to see the whole birth. He is so facinated with medical things that this was very exciting to him!! As they pulled the baby out, he shouted, " It's a BOY"!! We were both overcome with emotion and so happy that it was a boy. Matt was able to go over right away and see Tobin. He wieghed 8lbs 3oz and measured 22in. The medication was beginning to tire me as I waited to see him, so I was glad they brought him over to me when they did. It was so great to see him for the first time. I just wished I could hold him.

After that, Matt went with him to the nursery to be cleaned up, while I stayed in the recovery room for about an hour. The the seditive in the spinal made me so groggy and tired. I had a really hard time focusing on all the visitors that came to see Tobin. I have no recoloction of many conversations that day!! After the recovery room, they brought me up to my room and then shortly after, Matt came up with Tobin. I finally got to hold my little baby boy. What a relief. He is so precious. It was fun to see what he looked like and compare him to Matt, myself, and the girls.

Our family and friends in the waiting room, Matt in the nursery showing everyone Tobin

Later that afternoon we had many family and friends visitors. The Chappells came to visit us from Fresno and of course the grandparents and uncles were there as well. When the girls saw Tobin, Elsie immediately wanted to hold him and Carson gave him a nice whack on the head and grabbed his hat!! She also gave him a very slobbery kiss after that. The girls really love thier new baby brother and are constantly wanting to know where he is.


The girls meeting Tobin for the first time, This is where Carson spent most of her time in the hospital room-laying on the ground and "skating" on her stomach

The grandparents

We spent about 4 days in the hospital and had many more visitors to keep us busy. The Nelson's even paid us a visit from Seattle! They happened to be in town for the weekend and we were so glad to spend some time with them.

All our visitors

Mishawn was so sad to not be able to partake in her favorite food...El Pollo Loco, instead she ate chicken broth, or was it beef broth, and jello...boohoo

All in all, we had a great experience at the hospital with wonderful nurses and doctors. We are so thankful for all the answered prayers of a smooth delivery and so blessed for a new son to add to our family.

Future Giants Fan

On our way home, Elsie and Carson wrote this for us on our porch to greet us as we arrived

Oak Glen

Pumpkin Picking

Elsie on her first pony ride

A couple of weeks ago we went pumpkin picking at Oak Glen. It was a nice cool day (like 55 degrees-freezing for us SoCal people!!), so we were able to wear cozy jackets and hats. There are many apple farms in this area, but we chose to go to Los Rios Ranch. This is a new tradition that started with our fellowship group, Oasis, from church last year. Our group meets up there (in the San Bernadino Mtns) and picks pumpkins and apples, picnics on yummy bbq tri-tip sandwiches, and buys 5lb apple pies from the country store. It is always a great day of fellowship with friends.

There are moments when we are completely surprised by Elsie. Most of the time she is timid to try anything remotely unfamiliar, but this day, she was ready to brave the pony ride! I told her she better not freak out because we were paying $5 bucks for the ride! She did awesome! She, of course, chose the horse with purple and was very secure riding it. It was fun to see her take a step out of her comfort zone and do something fun like this! The rest of the day was spent picking pumpkins at the patch nearby and having a picnic lunch. We all had such a great time together. We look forward to this every year!

Carson trying to pick up a pumpkin, when success came, she dropped it on the ground nearly splitting it open

Zoe, Elsie, and Carson riding up to the pumpkin patch...needless to say this was a bad idea, there were so many prickles in the ground from the pumpkins, we popped a hole in the tire!

Apple farms

Elsie and Carson Zoe, Elsie, and Isaiah with their pumpkins

Monday, October 13, 2008

Elsie's Firsts

The beginning of October held a lot of firsts for Elsie, here are a few highlights...

PRESCHOOL: Elsie is now going to a small preschool one day a week for a couple of hours. This is our way of preparing her little by little for kindergarten next year. She loves it. She picked out a puppy folder to put her work in. We will continue this until January and then put her in a 3 day preschool. She already asks when she can go every day like her friend Kaylin! Soon enough!

SLEEPOVER: Elsie went to a birthday party for her best girl friend, Kaylin. She was so excited when she found out that she would be having a sleepover after the party. She talked about it nearly every day during the weeks leading up to the birthday. She got all packed up with her princess backpack, pillow, and monkey to take with her. They had a blast together and got to watch Little Mermaid in the morning while eating breakfast. She is already asking when Kaylin and her can have another sleep over!!

BALLET: Elsie started a ballet class on Wednesdays for the next 8 weeks. We thought she should have something all for herself as the baby will be coming very soon. She always looks in the TV and watches herself dance and twirl. She gets hacked if she can't wear a dress or skirt that twirls; it's very important! So we thought this would be a fun idea. She went on a Daddy date and got new ballet shoes and a leotard with tights. Everything had to be pink, of course (although she really would have preferred purple, but pink was second on the list!). She did a great job at her first session. The instructor takes the kids in one at a time and sits them in their line. It is a 2 1/2-4 year old class, so Elsie is by far the oldest and tallest! At the end of the session, she got 2 stickers, one for listening and the other for coming. As soon as we got out the door she asked when she could take her shoes off because they hurt her feet. Then in the car, we asked her how she liked it and she said that it hurt her knees because she had to bend them and stretch. She wasn't so sure if she wanted to go back. She is our all-or-nothing kid (like her Daddy!), if it doesn't come easy, then forget it!! Thankfully the following week she was excited to go back. They got to use ribbons!